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Sleepy Leo
I can't believe I put off making an entry for so long. ""OTL I know how LiveJournal works, at least enough to get around... but I've never actually posted an entry. How regettable... I should stop being such a lurker.

At the moment I'm impatiently waiting for the 18th. Vincent, what lies will you feed to Leo!? I'm so worried for him yet excited to see what will happen. Undoubtedly, whatever Vince says will be a crafty lie.

I bet Vince will tell Leo that Elliot's last words were something along the lines of, "Leo, avenge me!" ...or something similar, as a means to an end.

I'm getting the notion that if Vincent says that, it'll be to try and get him to join the Baskervilles. However, I don't imagine that Leo would throw himself at the Baskervilles to join them just because of one lie Vincent feeds him. After all, Leo fought to keep Glen's consciousness back, and I doubt he'd accept it so willingly now. ...On the other hand, maybe he would, what with his current state of mind... Poor Leo. He can't be anything less than severely emotionally traumatized after that... ohIfeelsohorribleforhim.

I'll have to start posting in this regularly... :3